Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain Wallet is a technology for storing, validating and licensing digital transactions on the Internet with high security and encryption that may be impossible to break under the technology available today. Many researchers and experts assert that this technology will be the gateway to a world of innovation in the Internet and may change the way that businesses deal.


Traditional business management depends on centralization most of the time and the inevitability of a third party in any transaction that authorizes or guarantees the transaction. For example, banks are the ones who control the money transfer sector for a specific fee. The bank is the third party to guarantee the transaction and transfer funds from the sender to the sender.

Blockchain can be considered as a new type of database. Instead of being centralized in the third party and stored in one or several third-party servers, the databases are all stored in all connected devices that deal with each other.

Blockchain is used in financial transactions of diigital currencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium. Anyone who deals with BitNaj must have a wallet with Blockchain for the buying and selling Bitcoin and other digitial currencies.

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